Had a super active weekend which included my first official 10K run: Race the Reserve. I did pretty well and totally killed it on the 5-8% incline hill we had to run. Totally pass at least 6 other runners who decided to walk it. I, on the other hand, prepared myself to slowly run up it and did! So proud of myself! I didn’t get a finisher’s medal since they ran out of the 5k/10k medals due to late entries. BOO! Oh, well still got my runner’s tag! And overall did pretty well: 1:02 with a 10:04/mile pace!

Afterwards, hit up my hometown’s Art Festival. My favorite booth from last year wasn’t there so I could stock up on bath bombs and salt. 🙁

So instead I got some food. However, the “Hawaiian Shaved-Ice” stand was not Hawaiian shaved-ice. It’s a snow cone in a bowl.  Where’s my vanilla ice cream topped with red bean? Where’s my condense milk on top? A snow cone is not the same as Hawaiian Shaved-Ice!! However the nuts were yummy! Luv those and now I kind of wish I had brought more flavors!




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