Christmas is nearly here, though I’ve been shopping for gifts since about October. I know, early starter, but I just find things I know friends and family don’t have or will even buy themselves ever.

However I have tons of friends (& family) who have a hard time figuring out what to give people let alone going out to shop for them. So I’m starting a series of 25 days from today until December __ to help. I also see it as a convenient wish list. 😘

So let’s start with my favorite: For the Fit Minded

Shoes // Running shoes, gym shoes, cross-fit shoes, lifting shoe… we need them all. I go through running shoes about every 4 to 5 months & I wouldn’t mind having a pair devoted to cross-fit. Shoe are number one on my Christmas list.


Nike Shoes
I’m more of a Nike shoe kind of girl, so I’ve chosen some nice looking Nike, but every person has their own choice of foot wear. I just really prefer Nikes. I’ve tried some other brands but I just keep going back to getting Nikes. They can become a bit expensive, so I recommended hitting up the Outlet stores. They will carry past collections, random colors and limited sizes, but they can be a hell of a lot cheaper. And if you are shopping at the right time, they occasionally have a “Friends & Family” sale. Typically 30% off your entire purchase. You just have to keep an eye out for that.
2. Foam Roller // I’ve been meaning to buy myself one for ages. But it’s one of those items that I keep on the back burner when I’m shopping. Usually if I find one, it’s not what I was looking for or it’s way over my budget. I also convince myself that the one at the gym is find, but I always regret not getting one to use at home.


I really like this Trigger Point Performance Foam Roller ($64.95) on It’s similar to the ones we have at my gym, buy longer.

3. Jump Rope // Weird I know, to put on this list, but it’s one of those gym bag items I need to replace after I broke my old one. Just never got around to it but am always reminded when I’m at the gym and cannot find any of the gym’s jump ropes for my workout.

4. DNA Testing // This is one that a bit on the more expensive side, but then again so can the shoes. I really like the to find out more about my genetics and how food and fitness can impact that part of my life. This would be such a great gift for you family, even those who aren’t into fitness, but just want to know their genetics.

I would like to try DNAFit. It has three types of testing: Fit & Diet, Sport and Wellness. I’ve got some friend who have tried other ones like 23&Me and found it very interesting to learn their ancestry.

These are a couple of great gift giving ideas. I’m sure there are a couple of those good items you could get for those of the fit minded, but these were just a couple I was thinking of while actually at the gym. What’s on your fit-list? No fit-list, then what are you hoping to get under the tree?

Tomorrow’s gift ideas: For The Home-ie’s

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