It’s the end of the second week and start of the third week of the 30-day challenge bodyrockers/dailyhiit.com. And man, there are some places on my body that are so sore.

I definitely am loving this though. It’s challenging me and my body, and hopefully it also going to help change it also. What I’m hoping for is more toned middle, stronger arms, and I know it’s all going to help me in running.

HiitLean #4 – (15 Jan)

HiitReps #4 (16 Jan)

HiitMax #3 (17 Jan)

HiitCore #1 (18 Jan)

HiitWkend #2 (19 Jan) – Actvie Rest Day (20 Jan)

HiitBody #5 (21 Jan)

I finished yesterday’s also, but forgot to take the photo.  I’ll just leave that for next week’s post, but let me tell you it was killer. Arms. My arms were officially dead yesterday after that challenge. Now, I’m heading to a quick run before the next one is posted!

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