So far so good. I’m starting to see really good results and I weighed myself this morning. 5lb lighter! Whoosh!

HiitLean #5 (22 Jan)


HiitCore #2 (23 Jan)


So some reason, I really like their HiitCore and HiitMax workouts the best. I feel like I have so much more energy afterwards, that I end up doing more. I’m so weird.

HiitMax #4 (24 Jan)


HiitReps #5 (25 Jan)


So I totally forgot to take a picture of HiitWkend (26 Jan), but peeps, it was killer. Trying to get up the wall, and then doing a push up. OUCH. I nearly fell over several times.

HiitBody #6 (28 Jan)


Looking forward to this weekend’s workout. Going have to try to fit it in after hanging out with my sister. Or just do it on Sunday.

Hiit The Website: www.thedailyhiit.com

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