I decided last week that I was going to do this challenge! Evey since I first found this website a couple of months ago on Pinterest, I’ve been routinely using their videos as part of my daily fitness. But this time, Lisa’s challenging everyone to a 30-day fitness.

I started a day late, but have kept up with the routine and will be doing HIITlean #5 tonight right before my nightly run! Basically you use your interval timers (there’s an app for that. LOL.) For 50 sec/10 sec(rest) for a number of  rounds (4 exercises 3x) – Do As Many As You Can For 50 Seconds! Here are my scores from all the workouts:

#1 HIITBody : Fit Test


#2 HIITreps : Scream & Shout


(This one was hard! My legs were so tired, that I could only muster up a 1 mile that night.)

#3HIITwkend: Take The Challenge


#4HIITbody: Rock Hard


If you don’t really want to do the challenge, but want to try some of their workouts, I highly recommend them. It’s free and you can always modified the workout to best fit you level and your equipment. Like how I don’t have an equalizer, I use the heavy arms on the treadmill (when it’s folded up) for most of them that requires it or jump tucks. I even used an small old duffel-bag filled with sand and foam for sandbag/fitness ball workouts.

Hiit The Website: www.thedailyhiit.com

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