So it’s already November. Crazy right?! Halloween has gone and past, and Thanksgiving (at least for us in the US) is just around the corner. Do you know what that means right? No, not Black Friday (I want to shop, but don’t want to be up super early to stake out the deals). It is time to start thinking about what to give everybody for Christmas.

While most of the time I have a good idea what to get my friends and family, I don’t necessarily have  the time to drive to my favorite shops to bro151105_GiftyApp_03wse the racks and shelves. I live half hour from the good malls and it’s another hour to get to Seattle and the bigger shopping centers. Here come the Gifrty App! Such a great app to see things you like and find gifts for friends and family! You search suggested products and flick left to “dislike/hate”, flick right to “like”. Easy.

One of the best thing you can do is to connect with friends and family and make idea shopping list for them. If they themselves loves a item you put on their list, you get a notification letting you know they want it! But they won’t know you know, so you can go out and get it for them!

So give Giftry App a try. It may actually save you the hassle of getting something you don’t like or even better, giving something that they have no care for!


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