About Me

Isles of Jane is a personal blog by a beauty-hoarder, fitness obsessed graphic artist. piles of clothes, color palettes, shopping, shoes, inspiration and more!

I’m Jane, a graphic designer and artist from the Pacific Northwest. Currently located in Burlington, WA but I’ve lived in several cities around the state from my hometown of Coupeville to the big city of Seattle. I started Isles of Jane in 2011, initially as a place to share my thoughts, travels, obsessions and fashion while working part-time for a local newspaper. I’d never blogged before, but quickly found that I loved writing and putting my thoughts and ideas out there!

It started out focus mainly on shopping, clothes & fashion but had evolved into a lifestyle blog balancing my obsessions of makeup, healthy living and traveling. And it’s constantly evolving. I’ve started making some youtube videos and looking for more creative ways to create content for the blog.

Enjoy, and always feel free to get in touch with questions!

xoxo, jane*

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