So like I thought I would, I ended up getting another dress to wear for the wedding. However, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. When I finally arrived at the Alderwood Mall, I decided to to first hit up Forever 21. Cheap dress??? Since they moved to a larger space, they have more clothes & two floors to maneuver through. I nearly spent an hour wandering, waiting in dressing room line and trying things on.

Alas, I didn’t like any of the dress there for the wedding. I really was looking for something more flowly and light than the ones I was liking. But by the time I made my purchase of a new sweater and some jewelry, it was almost 3 pm and I needed to check in my hotel. With less than 2 hours left til the wedding, I had to make a quick decision.So I returned to the mall. This was my last ditch effort at JCPenny and if I didn’t find anything I like, the long maxi black dress I brought with me will have to do. Thank goodness they had this dress! I was super excited that it not only looked goo, but make me feel great!

So the plan for the next wedding I get invited to, figure out what I’m wearing a week ahead instead of the night before. Learned my lesson. Two: need to buy a larger weekend bag to hold two shoes, not one…. don’t ask. 😛

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