My birthday weekend was a blast! I got so much stuff and saw some great friends on Saturday night. A lot of drinking was involved, but it was great that my lil’ sister’s BF agree to be the DD. After all that indulgence I did during the four days, I have decided to do a two-day cleanse. It’s not too bad: A easy berry smoothie in the morning; green tea and fruit or veggies for a snack; salad and 4oz of lean meat with water for lunch and repeat the snack and another salad and 4oz of lean meat for dinner. My body is feeling a bit better than Sunday; Then again it could have been all the alcohol I had.

My Sephora purchase came in! I decided to use my gift-card I got for my birthday online rather than in store. You get more samples that way. But what made me made was I tried to order the dr. Dennis Face Peel, and they had to cancel the original order at the warehouse. Sigh. However, when I placed another order (without the face peel) they had some for samples. Well, that’s better than nothing I guess.

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