Hello and my apologies for the long hiatus again. But after this weekend, I should have more time again to write and post. Especially some new skincare stuff I just got in the mail the other day. (Check out my instagram for recent pictures: @islesofjane) The last couple of months were hard to post as much as I like and the last month was the worst. Just tons of driving back and forth to my parents house to check on things, then work, getting in a good workout session at the gym and trying to keep to my clean eating.

But the parentals are back and after this weekend (going back to the house since little sister and family are up to visit) I should have some extra time on my weekends again.

Some quick updates. I did go shopping between the last time I posted a haul so that something I’d like to do. I rearranged my kitchen and living room a bit and got my desk nicely organized to work on. My workouts have been good: incorporating more HIIT cardio after lifting now. I’ve been seeing some gain in my upper body and now officially have to wear a smaller size in leggings. Which is good and bad, ‘cause I have some favorite fitness leggings that now I can only wear when I am not doing any cardio or tabata training. And I started the month with a new meal plan. My plan, and hopefully I can, is get tons of these updates and tons of the ideas running in my head posted. But for now a quick update and I need to get ready to head off. To the island. Again.

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