151210_AsianFoodHaul_01Any trip to Lynnwood required a trip to my favorite Asian stores. I have four favorite places in the area but they are quite a distance apart from each other, so I was only able to visit two last weekend: H-Mart and Daiso.


I originally popped into Daiso so to pickup some stocking stuffers (ie. the facemasks), but like any other discounted store I grab other things I really don’t need. But wanted. Shrimp chips are my absolute favorite Asian ‘chips’ snack. Whenever my family went down China Town in Seattle to do our Asian grocery shopping these were of the things that Mom and Dad would by my sister and I to snack on. Usually I would go for the spicy one and my sister the plain. I haven’t tried a wasabi flavored one yet, so this will be exciting. I also grabbed a instant miso soup for lazy days and these green tea rice cakes. Other than just a new mascara to try and a bottle to store some spray toner for traveling.


I had wanted to spend a little be more time in H-Mart, but having already been at the mall for almost four hours and it being uber crowded, I made a quick trip through. I saw the rice snack when I was heading toward the back and thought they might be good to have at work. Hopefully they are like the ones I get at Safeway. I was more excited when I saw Mami Rice Pasta. Usually I find the gluten-free pastas a mixture of rice and corn, but this one is just rice! Yay!

I brought the Green Tea Meltyblend as another gift for my sister, but the choux creme buns for myself! And even though I brought ready to eat seafood pajeon (1st photo) for dinner, I also brought the flour mix so that I can make some at home. And I forgot to take a photo of the other two items I brought since I put them in the fridge once I got home: kimchi and kimbap or gimbap. Life in my apartment isn’t the same without some kimchi. Seriously, need me some kimchi, but it always so hard to choose since H-mart has so many kinds. I usually go for regular aged kimchi.

If it wasn’t so crowded, I would have done a proper grocery shop including fresh fruits and seafood, but I was not planning on trying to get through that crowd. Maybe next time

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