Currently, I’m at the airport waiting another hour before loading time. I’ve would have taken tons of pictures as I road the shuttle from the island to Sea-Tac, but unfortunately the shuttle this time around was packed. And I had to sit right behind the really chatty strangers who were talking about something that happened in the 1930’s. Add traffic, and it was possible one of the longest rides ever.

I left the island at 2:30 and we didn’t arrive at the airpot till a little after 5. So glad I decided to take the earlier shuttle. So then I spent a couple of minutes getting some coffee and something for dinner on the plane. Then I thought my gate had power outlets, but it hasn’t been installed in the at section yet. So, up I go with my carry-on and laptop bag looking for an outlet and a place to sit. Thank goodness I really didn’t have to go too far but it’s close to the security check point. I get to see everyone talking by and they get to see me typing and munching away.

By the way, my burrito from Qdoba is freaking huge. don’t know how I’m going to eat this one the plane…

PS: I hope to actually post some “looks” when I can. Right now, I cannot find a place to take a decent picture or mirror. Also, I brought myself Skitch app for my MacBook Pro since I didn’t want to spend the the mass amount of money it cost for Photoshop (well not yet anyways, I do have plans on buying the Creative Suite sometime in the future). I really do recommend this for quick edits and adding texts. I like!

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