Autumn is finally here. And it’s my second favorite season, with Spring being the first (my birthday is in spring).

Sweaters are a must for autumn and winter especially here in the PNW.While it doesn’t get extremely cold here, it does get chilly enough to be bundled up. I do have a couple that I love but I’ve kind of cleaned out my closet recently. Now I have more room for more clothes. I’m really into the mock turtlenecks. I have two shirts, but no sweaters. I really like the rough edges and texture of H&M Knit Mock Turtleneck Sweater . Edgy enough for my personality, but nice and safe enough to wear to work.

I also love v-neck tops. Because of my chest size, v-necks flatter my upper body more than any other. I love this  V-Neck Ribbed Border Sweater from TopShop. The color is just divine. So up my alley. I think it would go well with their Faux Leather Skinny Trousers. Something I need to replace in my wardrobe. My faux leggings no longer look like faux leather.

Out of all the boots I have brought, I have yet to get the military boot of my youth. I used to have a pair from one of my dad’s military buddies who’s ended up getting some women’s shoes. I don’t know what happened to them. I think my mom might have gotten rid of them. Who knows, but I found Aldo Kandy Military Boots and I just need them.

And the finally item I need for fall is a new bag. I really like Aldo’s Westorange handbag. It’s nice and big and looks like it will hold quite a bit of stuff. Which is something I need. I also like Dune Dellta Hardwear Detail Top Handle Tote but I’m not sure I want to spend that much on a bag yet. It’s not a high-end bag, but it’s also not something you just find at Forever 21. I don’t konw, I’m still debating on that.

While I’m thinking about it, I do need to replace some of my jewelry. I have couple really nice rings and necklaces that will last a lifetime, but I have a huge amount of ‘costume’ jewelry that have or have started to fade. I might have to do a jewelry edit soon. Sometime after I cleanup my nail polish collection. Right… until next time, ciao!

Also, I just notice, it’s an awfully lot of dark colors…

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