This weekend was the first time for over a month since I was in the Seattle and surrounding area! And it was also my girl, Amy’s Bachlorette Slumber Party Weekend! She really didn’t want to (or is even the type) to have one of those dress up and head out type of party. It was “let’s stay at home, drink wine, watch movies, play games and gossip kind of night!” So much fun!!

We had a lot of drinks! A lot. Tons of wine, Amy had some pineapple soaking in liquor to make fruity drinks and lots of yummy snacks! It was a great way to start the summer in the PNW even though the sun didn’t come out till later Saturday evening.

Poor Jimi, only boy left at the house.

Yours truly enjoying party favor/hat in her own style.

We took Jimi out for the third-time that day. We saw this on one of the trees in town!

Maria is trying to figure out how to act something…. playing Cranium!

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