Morning, all! It’s super early on Sunday, but I’m up and currently waiting for the ferry to arrive. I missed the last one by like 5 minutes! Oh, well, we’ll just post while I wait! I finally got the Beauty Blogger Influenster box on Thurdsay! And I haven’t tested all the products yet. But opening it got me really excited since most of the products I haven’t tried yet.


I tried “Not Your Mother’s” Kinky Curl Cream last night! I mainly pulled my hair back to sleep in and make getting up this morning an easy hair routine (just remove hair covering and go)! So I put most of it in my tiny ponytail. It’s so nice and has a great smell due to the grape-seed essence. It’s not over powering but you do get a good whiff of it while its in your hand. The cream is nice and silky without being too greasy! And even after one night of sleep, my curls are still back there. I think this might be a new favorite hair product!

I brought the Vitabath with me this morning to use after my run. Yup, another 5k run! This time, my university’s: University of Washington Annual Dawg Dash!

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