For me Black Friday was a bit of a bust, well at least physical shopping was. Online though was better, got the beauty deals I wanted for my sister and after a bit of struggle I did get in a Gymshark order. But other than that I think I’ll be shopping next weekend down in Lynnwood for the rest of the goodies I need!

I also skipped the gym (not to go shopping) because I woke up late and didn’t have to work today. I had planned on going to the gym mid-morning, but remembered that the gym is on regular hours today and I knew it was going to be packed with lots of members trying to work off their turkey dinner. So I did an at home workout with that started with a long run on my parent’s treadmill. I did a 30-minute climbing HIIT run that I love to do. It keeps me motivated to stay on the machine longer and because it varies the speed and time I don’t get bored.

So after a 5-minute warm up, I ‘jogged’ for 2 minutes at a moderate speed and then at a comfortable-high speed for another 2 minutes. Then back down to a walking speed for one minute to get my heart rate down and repeat adding another minute to you comfortable-high speed for 4-5 rounds. Then in the last 5 minutes, run a high speed then walk speed every minute.

I then followed that workout with a quick at-home bodyweight workout using what what we had in the living room: the floor, couch and two 3-lb weights. Burbees, ski-jumps, dumbbell side raise, dumbbell front raise, isolated bicep curls (using both weight in one hand), jump squats, and lunge with a shoulder press.

How was your Black Friday?

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