Oreo cookies and Stuffed Oreo Brownies are one of my guilty pleasures. So I decided to bake some for the company’s Christmas gift exchange and desert party. Originally, I had planned on baking a huge cake, but there are tons of food left over from the summit. I feel that it will be an overkill if there was a three-tier caked included.

I really enjoy baking. However, it’s something I don’t often get to do since I live alone. Occasionally I would bake some healthy protein breads and snack balls. Those are usually part of my meal prep for the week and are aimed toward healthy meal planning. These brownies, however, are not.

The recipe I followed was the Oreo Stuffed Brownies from Spicy Southern Kitchen. The one step that I did not do was topped the brownie with frosting. I find that the brownie stuffed with Oreo was already quite sweet without it. The brownie part is soft and fudge-like, while the Oreos softens to give a nice vanilla cream taste in the middle.

What is everyone baking for your friends and family? Need some baking ideas? Check out my post of my favorite holiday cookies to bake here. Hope you all are having a great holiday season so far and I plan on trying to catch up on my posts!

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