After getting home from a long day at work, there is nothing more relaxing than watching a  favorite movie. And with the holiday season, it means lots of Christmas movies. I rarely watch movies now a days, but I do have a couple that I watch to a T. I will watch some of them when I’m in the mood and it doesn’t matter if its the season or not, but here are my top five Christmas movies I have to watch at least once before February.

  1. A staple in every movie holiday collection: Love Actually. Nothing is better than curling up on the couch with some hot chocolate and reciting your favorites lines along with the movie.
  2. The Harry Potter Series: I don’t just watch them during the Christmas season. It’s an anytime, anywhere, anyhow type of series. I’ve even done a bing watch of the series since I was sick and couldn’t leave my couch. Since the movie always seem to come out around Christmas, it’s seem perfectly normal to have this on my Christmas watch list.
  3. This one and the next are my favorite dysfunctional family holiday movies. Third on my list is Home For The Holidays starring Holly Hunter & Robert Downey Jr. I love this movie about finding the more important things in life like family. It is a feature about Thanksgiving rather than Christmas, but none the less, still a great holiday movie.
  4. My next dysfunctional family movie for the holidays is Pieces of April staring Katie Holmes. Didn’t think this was going to be a good one, but it was a surprising excellent holiday movie. Again, it’s about a Thanksgiving dinner but Holmes character is the rebellious daughter hosting it in her small NYC apartment. Watch it if you haven’t, you’ll be surprise how decent of a movie it is.
  5. My last one is a traditional Christmas movie: White Christmas. I’ve watched this movie ever since I was a kid and it still is my favorite Christmas movie. There’s singing and dancing. There’s love and laughter. It’s just a good movie to watch with you family chatting all around you.

So there is my top five. Are any of them ones you plan on watching all season and then some?

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