I used to make a Christmas wish-list every year of gift ideas for my parents. They were notorious for getting me not so great gifts. I would use my design programs at work to set the text, add images for reference and make them pretty before emailing a PDF file to them and my sister. My sister always said that she couldn’t believe that I did that, but understood the necessity.

Now I haven’t done one in years. My mom still buys me random things that I don’t need, but occasionally she does get me something good. At least this year I know I’ll be getting some good skincare products from her recent trip to Asia. I did help by putting a list on her phone.

But there are couple of things I would love to get. I think the number one item on my list is a new computer. I really would love to get or even have the money to buy a new Apple Computer. Currently I’m using my dad’s old Dell and it’s so bad. Sometimes it works fine for a couple of hours and then just crashes. I really want a iMac desktop for designing and editing.

The next item I would love to get is a digital camera. I would love the person who brought me a Canon G7X, but I think I would be just happy with an newer digital camera. I think what I’m looking is similar to the Canon with a flip screen and video recording capabilities.

Going for something luxurious, I’m putting the Rebecca Minkoff Micro Regan Satchel on my wish-list. I already have her M.A.C. Mini Cross-body In Gray which I love. So I kind of want one similar but larger and the satchel fits the bill. Plus, I love the brand. I have a cross-body, a laptop bag, and several sweaters from them.

Keeping with fashion accessories, the one item I’ve been searching all over town for, a good pair of thigh-high boots with medium height heel. I thought I found one, but they didn’t have it in my size. I really like these Chinese Laundry Festive Over the Knee Boot. It has the over the knee look that I’m looking for and a bit of heel to add height to my short stature.

There are a couple of other little things I would love to get: some new makeup, clothes, new running shoes, etc. But those are things that I would say, just give me a gift card so that I can purchase exactly what I want.

So what’s on your wish-list this year?

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