I designed some very cute printable table tents for our office Christmas party that I thought everyone would like. I had volunteered to make the name tags for winter sales summit, but my boss liked them so much she asked if I would design the name tents.

Winter Animals Table Tents
Winter Animals Table Name Tents

Click on the image above to download the zip file. It contains the live InDesign file, the font used, and all the images used to make the table tents. The page is designed on a 11 by 17 sheet, but you can easily convert the file onto an 8 by 11 sheet of paper. I printed them on card stock I found in our supply office. It worked quite well. You are going to want to cut out the tent cards before scoring the fold lines. See where the little lines that go halfway up the rectangle. That’s where you want to cut following the length of the line.

Once you have all the cards cut, fold on the scored lines and interlock the ends. This way you do not have use any adhesive to keep the tent together and standing.

They are super cute and quite easy to make. Cutting them out takes a bit of time, but well worth it. Hope you like these and the other holiday printable I uploaded (Blogmas Day 5: Gift Tags Here).

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