Yesterday was the company gift exchange and I got some awesome gift cards to my favorite stores. It wasn’t just get one gift card, but four. One set was from my secret Santa and the other was from the company for helping out with the sales summit and Christmas party. I received two Starbucks gift cards with enough money to last me at least a month worth of coffee. While I don’t go often, when I really want coffee it’s usually the place I hit up first.

I also receive two gift cards for Barnes & Nobel. My office mates know me so well. Now I just have to figure out which books to get. Such a dilemma. I think giving a gift card to a favorite store is a great idea for a gift exchange. It allows them to get an item that they’ll love and picked out themselves.

The party itself was nice. Around 9:30 am or so the Sales manager and co-owner rang (will a bell) everyone to the front and started handing out the gifts. I pretended not to know about the gift I brought for my co-worker, but she figured it out. That, or she got our receptionist to tell her.

I’m super glad that she likes her gift and treats! If you wanted to see what I brought my co-worker, check out this post.

Speaking of treat, we also had so much goodies to eat afterwords. I opted to try one brownie and mostly ate fruit like an apple and grapes. I skipped the hot chocolate and orange juice, but did have a cup of hot coffee. In all it was a good day.

I’m working hard on my next post. It’s a video of my winter haul, but I think I’m catching a cold since I’ve been super tired lately. I just really need to edit it, but I might save that for another day. Until tomorrow, bye!

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