I used to get subscription boxes when I lived on the island. It was a great way to treat myself monthly to fashion, makeup and other goodies. All without spending the whole day driving to the local mall.

My best friend’s birthday is just a couple days after Christmas and I always send her a separate gift for her birthday. This year I decided to send her a subscription gift box from Crate Joy. Crate Joy has numerous monthly subscription boxes you can order. They have every type of box for every type of personality.

After searching the list of gift subscription boxes they had to offer, I choose to send my friend the “Reward Box”.  The box description says “For all you hardworking women out there, sometimes you just need to slow down and allow yourself to indulge in something.” Which I find perfect for her as she is a mother of two kids under the age of 5.

There are a couple of boxes on their site that I personally would love to get, like the Owl Crate or the Wallflower Box. Both are book oriented.

Crate Joy isn’t the only place you can get a subscription box from. For a while I had a subscription to Pop Sugar’s. It’s a really great subscription where you get several luxury items. It’s more of a lifestyle box, offering items like beauty care and health foods. Another one I like was Ellie. For while they stopped, but within the last year or so, they’ve started up again. Ellie is for all the fitness girls out there. You get two to three gym wear and a special gift every month. I still wear several of the pieces I order today.

There are so many subscription boxes I want to try. Though I am leaning towards the BomiBox. It’s a $19.99 monthly box full of Korean skincare and beauty products.

What boxes are you guys checking out? Anything you think is up my alley?


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