I love baking. Breads. Muffins. Cakes. Cookies. I love it all. So for the Christmas season, its all about what I can bake for people. I’ve already have a idea of the cake I’m going to make for my company Christmas Gift Exchange Party, but that is for another day. Today, we are going to go over my Christmas Eve Cookie baking list. Every year I do two major cooking during Christmas. 1) bake cookies; and 2) cook Christmas dinner. I still haven’t decided what’s we are eating for dinner, but I do know that cookies I want to bake.

Always must have a gingerbread cookie recipe. To me nothing says Christmas more than a good, soft gingerbread men cookie. I like biting their head off first before the rest of their body. I’m slightly morbid like that. My favorite recipe to cook up is from the baker chic. She has an awesome Soft & Chewy Gingerbread Men Cookie. It’s uber important that you freeze or chill the dough. Makes it ten times easier to cut the gingerbread men, or whatever cookie cutter shape you are using, out. Check out her recipe here.

Another cookie recipe staple: The sugar cookie. I’ve tried different recipes and they’ve all gone super well. One of my favorites and super easy recipe is Alton Brow’s Sugar Cookies from the The Cookie Clause Episode of Good Eats (I miss that show!). I’ll make loads of dough and prepare some icing and cookie sprinkles and what not. Then my sister can go nuts with decorating. Now that my niece is old enough, she can help mommy! Check out his recipe here.

One of my favorites is the Chocolate Crinkle cookie. I have two recipes that I like to make. One I saw on Lily Pebbles’s Vlogmas about 2 or 3 years ago. It’s Jojo’s Dairy-Free Chocolate Brookies. The measurement are in grams, so it’s super handy to have a scale in the kitchen. The second is a peppermint variety. Good old Betty Crocker has a declicious Chocolate Mint Crinkle Cookies that’s topped with a peppermint Hershey’s Kiss. So good!

What cookies are you planning on baking this year?

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