Every year our company does a Secret Santa gift exchange along with a casual morning breakfast party with treats and hot chocolate. It is loads of fun and a nice break from the hectic workday leading up to Christmas and New Year’s. I’ve gotten pretty good people the last couple of year. Easy-to-shop-for kinds. This year I got my manager and I know the perfect gift for her.

She’s Swiss-German and she has a wonderful fascination for the Hoff. She also loves Funko figures but they haven’t made one for him yet. However I did find an awesome 7” bobble head David Hasslehoff from the movie Sharknado. Legit, perfect for her.

I plan on getting a big box and setting the bobble head in the middle and surround it with a supply of her favorite treats: Coca Cola & Gummy Sharks. It’s going to be wonderful.

Anyone else has a secret santa party happening? What are your gift giving plans?


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