My niece is a spit-fire. Like legit, hard-core. She is also uber spoiled and has tons of toys. So you can say its kind of hard to buy her something that she doesn’t already has. I was hoping to get her a tricycle, but she still doesn’t like bicycling, so that’s out. And so are dolls since she has loads of them. The room is just filled with stuff dolls.

She has a play kitchen, but not many “cooking” items. So I’m thinking of getting her some fake food and play cooking pans. I even found this Step2 Little Helper’s Shopping Cart ($29.99). I think my niece would totally love that since she so independent. It comes with a cart, a reusable shopping bag, and some fake foods.

She loves music. Sings along with all of her Disney movies. Has and plays with her own personal karaoke machine. Girl is a performer. So I’m thinking of getting her this LeapFong Learn & Groove Musical Mat ($29.99). Looks like something that would totally enjoy and annoy her parents with. Always a plus.

So far that’s really all I’ve seen that she doesn’t already have. I’ve already got her some clothes, and shoes, but I really want to get her some toys to play with. Any other toys suggestions?

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