I saw a couple of these kind of jars recently and thought it would be a super easy DIY Christmas project I could do at home. I actually had planned on making smaller ones using some jars from the Dollar Store, but while I was thrift shopping on Black Friday at Good Will, I found a wonder huge jar in the home section. Hitting up a couple of other shops, I was able to get all the things I needed to make this Snowy Scenery In A Jar for less than $10.

The jar and the wooded base I got at Good Will for about $1 each. They were having a Black Friday sale of 50% off all items except the yellow tags. Score! The trees I got from the Target Dollar Section for $3 each and I have enough to make another jar when I find one large enough. The white sand and moss are from the Dollar store.

It’s a super easy DIY. All I really had to do was glue the jar to the wooden base using my E600 Glue. Once that was set, just pour some sand before putting a small layer of moss in the middle. Then more sand until there’s a good layer to set the trees in. And done. Snowy Scenery In A Jar, done. So easy!


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