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It’s been an awful long time. Much longer than I originally anticipated. This break from blogging to get myself back into enjoying it again. With life stresses and the occasionally panic attacks, I just couldn’t get myself to do anything but got to the gym or watch Korean Variety TV shows to completely de-stress and zone out.

The biggest pressure was a certain family member pressuring me to by a brand new car as soon as possible, but I was not (nor still quite there yet) financial ready. Not only that, but I felt that this family member was constantly using me to fulfill their needs and not accepting the terms I laid out for them to assist them in their time of need. I pretty much didn’t want to deal with an (older than me) adult acting like a 13-year old preteen.

So, I took a break from almost everything. But now I’m getting back to being myself, and not the downer I had been. Friends and my sister have been helping me to not worry about it so much.

So I’m trying to make a comeback. It may take me a while to get back to a schedule and I may have some ups and downs. Gonna take each day one at time but I working on future posts and will do my best to post them. Hopefully I’ll work far enough that posting won’t feel like a daunting task.


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