photo credit: Urban Woodswalker via photopin cc

Currently searching eBay and Etsy for really bright earrings. For some strange and impossible need, I’m craving bright, fun earrings to wear.

Here’s a couple I’m ordering…


Unicorn Earring by CollarAndJewelry . She’s also got some rabbit/bunny and giraffe ear studs to offer.


Neon Yellow Doorknocker Earrings by 1eclecticchick


Lime Green Moustache Earring Studs by MistyAurora


Neon Leather Earrings by BooandBooFactory

On a related note: I finally decided to get the second ear piecing I’ve been considering. Now to find a place to get it done, and a friend to hold my hand while I get it done…. 😉

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