The last couple of days have been, well busy. First the weekend: I spent most of Saturday baking cookies and on Sunday was last minute shopping down in Lynnwood. And things just kind of went downhill from there…

On my way home going around rather the ferry (I had a Christmas gift to drop off to my friends house up north) my car breaks down. Completely. So after calling the parental-unit, then waiting for the towing, I was completely worn out. Turns out there is a huge hole in my engine block and the whole thing needs to be replace. But the cost of replacing the whole engine could be spent on a new car, so I’m currently driving my father’s car until after the new year, in which I hope to have purchase a new car.

Then the last two days have me going around like crazy with all our holiday deadlines and special sections that need to be made. But apparently not as crazy as the main office is going through. So glad I’m not working over there. I still need to catch up on emails, tweets, and Facebook. Totally feeling out of touch.

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