So I finally got my vision check this week after two years! And with that I’ve also gotten a new prescription. So like I always do, I’m going to use my “allowance” coverage to order contacts from my doctor’s office. Especially since they now want me to try some new ones from the Acuvue Oasys that I have been wearing since I started wearing contacts.

But that’s beside the point, because it also means that I get to go eyeglasses shopping! I currently wear Vogue┬« Eyewear frames (don’t ask me style name, I already forgotten!) which I love. But when I called the place I got them last time to see how much it would cost just to put in new lenses, it would be better (and more cost effective with deal they offered) to just buy a pair of new ones.

Right now I’m looking at Sear’s Offerings:

But does anyone know of any other places that does glasses at a reasonable price. I might see what JCPenny has to offer and Target, but not Lenscrafters. They treated me very poorly twice, so I haven’t been there every since.

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