This past weekend, H invited me to tag along with her and her kids (three little red heads who will hence from now on be called the minions) for a quick trip along the Cascade Loop and a visit to Leavenworth. Last time I was there with a run a half-marathon and I didn’t have the energy or time that day to wander around. I remember going back the next day, but half the shops were closed on Sunday morning and I had to start heading back to this side of the mountain by noon.

This time around, we got to check out many of the places that was closed! The candy shop to pick-up some taffy for the office, the hat store to see the funny hats, several toy stores (the minions are children), my favorite: the bookstore, and many other places! We even got ice cream. Well they got ice cream, I got sherbet.

Then we headed back on the road again to find some snow…
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