Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have exciting plans for New Years! Me, it was a good one. Lil’ sister and finacée didn’t make it home so their presents will have to wait till they are able to make it to the island!

From my family (other than my sister), I mostly got fitness gear:

Photo1 Photo3

Some new water bottles, Adidas fleece coat (love this, it’s so warm!) and new running pants, shirt, & jacket from my Auntie! They are so bright, everyone in town will see me when I start running outside again. As soon as I get off work, it’s already pitch-black outside. Not really safe for me to be running the trails around my hometown alone.

Photo4 Photo5 Photo6

I can always expect the fun stuff to come from my sister and Erin! Santa socks (which I’m currently rockin’), holiday rubber duckie (mom frowned at them, but I love it!!), one green and one glow-in-the-dark nail polish, and the DIY Tokidoki Unicorno Vinyl Doll. I haven’t decided what I’m going to draw on it yet, but I need to hit up the store to buy more markers. It only came with three and I know I’m going to want more colors than black, blue and pink.

Photo2I got this Express earring from Shelbey that she sent along with the shimmering infinity scarf I’m wearing in my first photo! The other pair are from my mom, but it was re-gift that she got from one of her friends. Yup, re-gift. But it’s okay, because she can’t wear them. Mom is super sensitive to regular metal jewelry. I thought they were cool and she gave them to me! LOL. They are from Japan apparently. Love them no matter what. Been rockin’ them since.

What goodies did you all get?

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