I know, photos. I finally got some iPhone accessories to help me take photos for my birthday. I already had an tripod for my old camera (which my parents are using on their trip), but I really wanted one to hold my iPhone (since it takes better pictures and I have tons of apps to use on them). And while the parental-unit is gone, I’m going to take advantage of using the living room as my studio.

Coffee Shop Wool Waist Coat; Xhilaration Red-Spotted Tank; Forever21 Skinny Jeans; Aldo Madril Shoes

I really do much on my birthday. It was really much more of a relaxing and doing my own thing for once, than a big birthday bash. That’s for this weekend! Lil’ sister and her boyfriend are coming up from Portland, and we are heading down to Seattle for aquarium¬†visit, sushi, shopping, and drinking with some of my friends! So looking forward to this weekend! Maybe we’ll go to that chocolate bar on Capitol Hill for happy hour!

Now I have to go find the vacuum, my gift from my BFF contained a massive amount of confetti, and it all over the house.

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