I actually had plans this past weekend that didn’t involved staying home or “chaperoning” Holly as she drove her kids to see their father. Those plans were slashed due to some personal reasons…



So on Saturday, after a quick trip to the gym (will write a post about that soon), I headed over to see the parentals. And as usual, got roped in helping stock the store. But I really had nothing else to do since I was over there and I really dislike being the cashier at the store. One half-sleep night over, and I had to head down to the UW for the annual Dawg Dash on campus!


My School! Such a pretty building!



It was my first timed raced since the half in July and it was so much fun like last year! There were tons of puppies! I decided to use the Dr. Scholl’s® Active Series® Replacement Insoles in my Nikes. Since I’m tight on cash at the moment and can’t replace them quite yet, new insoles are a great idea. And these worked great! I didn’t have to trim them to fit my shoes like advised, so they slipped right in!



I definitely felt a difference between the original insole and the Active Series. It must have been time for me to replace them since I felt the arch on my right foot become more stable. I have flat feet and these new insoles felt great. Even better was after my run.



“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

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