Giving home-ware gifts to someone is usually hit-or-miss. They might love it or they might not even care for it but still make an effort to try to be interested in it. When I was in college and in my twenties, I didn’t care for housewares that my mom brought me unless it was a blender. Even now though, I’m very picky about things like that since my taste is nothing like my little Asian mother. She has loads of large heavy wood furniture, hoards full of ceramic pillars, statues and other knick-knacks, and mixture of themes and colors in every room. I, on the other hand, simple lines, muted tones with burst of color, and a massive amount of books for one person. So take this housewares/home-ware gift ideas with an open mind. These are just the top four things I think anyone would like, starting with number…

Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash

  1. Wall Prints // Super easy find and if you are the DIY-type of person, it’s totally doable. I find a lot already framed prints at TJ Maxx, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, etc at reasonable prices. Sometimes you can even find really cool prints waiting to be placed in a frame of your choice on discount. Finding one that fits the receiver’s personality might take a while, but they’ll love to decorate their home with a piece that reflects who they are.
  2. Kitchen Containers or Sets // I’m the type of person who places all their dry good in a jar right after either purchasing it or opening the original packaging. How cute would it be to give a friend who love coffee a little kit that has a jar or ceramic container to place said coffee in along with a bag of coffee and an uber cute coffee mug. Or how about a jar for the pasta junkie, or on for the cookie monster. I really like this one I found on Hollar Home Basic Glass Coffee Jar ($6.00) but I also saw a couple on etsy that are cute.
  3. Bookends // This is a great one, ‘cause if you are like me, you have tons of books. Even a full book shelf devoted to “To Read” books. The one thing I always forget to get is book ends. And sure you can get those standard mental one from the office store, but how about a really chic set of marble blocks or sparkly geode rocks like these West Elm Agate Bookend, Green – Book Ends from west elm ($24.00).
  4. Candles and Candle Stands or Holders // Who doesn’t like to burn a fantastically fragrant candle to make you home smell wonderful. And this the season for all those wonderfully winter scents like baked goods, pumpkin spice and oak. Nice candles can be very expensive, but again, I always get them from the discount department store.

Those are a couple of home-ware goodies you can totally get for someone and always win. What kind of house décor are you hoping to get?

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