At my office we do a secret Santa and while I know most of my office mates pretty well, giving them gifts on the other hand can be challenging. We haven’t picked out names yet, but I’m still thinking of gift ideas to give them. One is a “Game Night Kit”. I think that would a fun project to put together and a fun kit for whoever gets it!

Snack & Treats // Game night should always include something to snack on like cookies, candies and popcorn or chips. So including it in you “Game Night Kit” gift is a great filler. You can find one massive game or two or three little games and then just fill it with goodies to eat. You can even bake cookies and make the popcorn and package them up in cute Christmas treat bags.

The Games // There are so many good games out there and we are not just talking about Monopoly and the Game of Life.  One of my favorites is the every changing rule game: Fluxx ($10.05 on I was introduced to this game from my best friend’s ex-boyfriend back in college. I love this very simple card game and still have the one I brought back then.

Another great card came: Munckin. There are so many themes and add-ons for this card game, it’s a bit ridiculous. My brother-in-law is a huge fan of this game and I brought him some theme expansion card decks to go with his basic kit. It’s one of those games we play once my niece is asleep and we can go on for hours. I found this Rick & Morty Munckin ($24.99) on ThinkGeek.

If the recipient is a hug Harry Potter fan like my sister and I, I recommend you get them the Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Board Game ($49.99). Basically is a deck building game where you have to work together to defeat villains each year. It’s really easy to understand and a great play. We haven’t made it all the way to year 7 yet in one sitting, but we are progressing towards that.

For the adults, Cards Against Humanity ($25.00 at is another great card game that will remind you that every person will always have that perverted, dark-humored, 16-year-old in the back of their mind… or soul. You can even add more cards with one of their expansion card sets.

Game night and games in general are something I think everyone enjoys. It can get intense at some moments, but being together with the people you adore and playing some crazy fun games is far better than eating at a fancy dinner or seeing a fancy show. Sometimes the most simplest event is the best. And games like these totally help.


Top Photo by Moritz Schmidt on Unsplash

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