Got my PopSugar December Must have last weekend, which was pretty early then usual. But it was great to recieve and pretend it was a early Christmas gift… to myself. This time around they have some great stuff to send out!


I was wondering why is was kind of heavy. I literally had to carry three other packages that came in the mail along with this one.


This was what was making it heavier than I thought! LOVE THESE! I currently use them at home, hidden in my room so that I don’t have to let the rest of the family use them. And possibly break them. Being super selfish, but hey, it’s mine!


Yummy goodies! The peppermint poles are already gone as I brought it to work, and all us girls kept eating them. It lasted about to days. The tea was just opened and I’m loving it. So far I’ve tried the White Ambrosia and Black Currant. Highly recommend the Black Currant.

I’ve seeing the Minimergency Packet eveywhere, I know I’m going to be super glad I have that in my purse when I end of having beauty/fashion/life emergency! LOL!


Don’t know when I’m going to use the Rent-The-Runway discount, but I really want to! I’m hoping for some sort of fancy party I need something more fancy to wear so I can use it. Good thing it doesn’t expire til March of next year!

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