…or whatever you would like to call it! Dressing up for Halloween is always fun and last year I came to work as a Hogwarts Student. Of course I was in the Gryffindor House! This year I came to work as a black cat. Easy enough, except I really wanted one of those lace cat ears. Could not find one anywhere in Seattle, or at least in the north end…..

So that meant DIY time! Supplies:

You mainly need: (1) one black headband, (2) lace of some sort (mine I grab some lace stockings from Daiso!), (3) adhesive or hot glue-gun, (4) some bendable wire (mine are gold plated) and (5) ribbon or felt for coverup. And then you can have accessories it the way you like!

So first, you’ve got to shape the wire into ears. I made mine pretty small, ’cause I really didn’t want it stick out.

And then glue them on the headband. This took me quite a while because I didn’t let the glue cool enough to let go the wire. It kept popping out and I had to reheat the glue all over again.

So after you place the wired-shaped ear on, cut out large enough piece of lace to over the front and back of the ears. Begin gluing!

After that is all done, use the felt or ribbon (I ended up finding some ribbon in my mom’s sewing room, yay!) to cover the rest the headband so the glue doesn’t show!

And Done! Now we have cat ears!

You can’t see the other ear since I bent it to look like a cat slightly interested in what you are saying or doing. LOL

Happy Halloween!

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