…or as normal as it could be.  As you may have notice, I haven’t blogged anything since last week or so. Our major island almanac booklet went to press this morning and I spent Monday to Thursday building all the ads, proofing, editing, and finalizing that came in late. There was quite a lot of them.

Since I was spending so much time looking at a computer screen all day, I really wasn’t in the mood to spend another hour or so after work looking at another one. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t trying to write any post. I did. Handwritten. On a sheet of paper, which now I have to type. And I remembered to take pictures of OOTD (well, one), Popsugar Must Haves January, Week 3 Challenge and many other things that happen/received.

I’m super excited about this weekend since my lil’ sister is coming up! We’ve got to check out bakeries, hit up shops, and go over several wedding stuff. After the whole holiday excitement (ug!), I’m hoping for a more calm family weekend. Cross your fingers. Also, she’s bringing our Christmas presents. Which mean, more goodies! Yay!

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