My little sister is the uber busy business mom who spend a good portion of her day at work then home to be with her hubby and baby girl. So that doesn’t give her much time to check out beauty and skin care products like she use to and it is the one thing she asked for this Christmas. Skin care products. Now I have finally found a good morning and evening skincare routine, I’m going to help her. This year I’m going to make a nice gift of skin care products for her to use in the evening when the little one has finally gotten to bed.

First off, definitely going to introduce her to micellar water. I use Good Things Acai Berry Multi-Tasking Micellar Water that I find at TJ Maxx. While I would love to give her Bioderma, I think she’ll have a hard time finding it and she’ll probably forget order it before she runs out. So I’m either thinking of Simple Cleansing Micellar Water or Garnier Micellar Water. They both easy to find at the drugstore and decently priced.

Then off with a spray toner. I prefer spray ones as I can just spritz it on and walk away while my skin absorbs the spray. I think she’ll like it also because of that factor. You can quickly do something else (check your phone, answer your husband, see what late night snacks you have to eat) before coming back to your next step. My favorites are the Boscia Fascia Toner and Andalou Naturals Clementine plus C Illuminating Toner.

I also think she should start using a face serum and moisturizer. While the PNW doesn’t get very dry, being inside all the time does. I would either go for The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Overnight Serum or Boots No. 7 Protection & Perfection Serum. Both are reasonably priced and easy to get ahold of. As for moisturizers, I was thinking of the Ponds AntiDark Moisturizer that I used to use will work well with her skin.

I know it a bit much, having to go to and get separate products for a gift, but I really haven’t found a good kit that has all that I would like to give her. I think it also shows that I did give quite a bit of thought towards her gift!

What is everybody else gift shopping for? Totally excited about this Black Friday… It’s going to be epic for me as I will be up at midnight to get all the great deals I saw recently online! There’s going to be a lot a beauty products being ordered!

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