If you remember correctly, EBoost was part of my Beatuy Blogger from Influenster. I tried the sample they sent on Monday, and it was good and I actually felt better afterwards. After that run on Sunday, in the cold, I ended up catching… a cold. It  gave me the energy I needed to continue on with my, well my vacation….. LOL.

What I like the most about EBoost is it’s taste. It doesn’t have that horrible taste that you would espect from powdered energy drinks. It’s actually quite pleasant. Now since I liked it so much, I decided that I need to order some! It’s a good thing that I remembered that Earndit has EBoost as Redeemable Reward. With all the points I have saved, I used the reward discount to order me some!

EBOOST is available in 4 different flavors: Natural Orange , Pink Lemonade, Acai Pomegranate, and Super Berry. It’s contains no sugar, no articfical flavors, and lowe in calories (a plus!) And for me it’s great that it is also Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free! I highly recommend this stuff. It’s a great boost after a great workout. I think next time I order, I’m going to try the Acai Pomegrante, that sounds yummy!

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