The Vogue March 2013 issue is freaking huge. I started it on Saturday after running around town getting everything I need to start painting the upstairs and eating lunch. However, I barely made a dent into it, and still have to finish it. Talk about a “Power Issue.”


Yeah, that’s right 618 pages…


And somehow the post office shove the darn thing in our PO Box. All curled up, of course. Nearly had a tug of war just to get it out!

Also in Saturday’s mail was my Ellie order!! I was super excited about getting more fitness clothes!


I decided on two new pants to replace the old ones that were started to get a bit big for me to wear. Both are super soft, but form fitting. They felt so great to wear!


These are going to be my second pair of long leggings: My New Obsession ($59.95). My other are Nike. Love them both!!


Electric Love Capri ($54.95). I used these for kickboxing workout yesterday. So flexible and great fit! The plan tonight (after 3-days off) is to go for a run with My New Obsession Legging and see how they fair with running, but so far I’m loving these. And it’s such a good offer, especially if you are part of the Fit Fashionista Club. Choose 2 items for $49.95, plus free shipping (for members only). Along with that: you get priority access and exclusive members-only events.

Cannot wait til next month’s collection!

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2 Replies to “Ellie & Vogue

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a Vogue that thick but good thing, right? It will keep you occupied for a month or longer. 20 pages a day if you want to split it up haha.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful day so far xx Karen

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