Since it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a haul and since I cannot for the life of me remember everything I brought since that last post, I thought just to start with purchases I brought in the last two weeks are so.

I brought a couple of things for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas and some newly additions to my wardrobe. Most of the clothes I got are from TJ Maxx. It’s the only decent clothing store apart from Burlington Coat Factory in town. The red romper is one of my favorite finds and definitely going with me to LV. It’s also a great piece to be able to wear next summer as it’s a simple all-in-one outfit. I’m also planning on bringing the flared sleeved striped shirt with me ’cause it a great fit and not-over-the-top statement piece.

Like I said before, most of my new fashion pieces I got from TJ Maxx with the exception of the Super Sonics Tee that I grab fromĀ  a co-worker who was giving away some of her kids’ old clothes and another pair of sneakers that were on clearance at Payless Shoes. The tee is such a great throwback to one of my childhood teams and the shirt has that old, soft wear to it.

My biggest purchase is my new carry-on suitcase. It’s a Triforce Midtown Carry-On. It has a divider that separates the case into two different section and has two accessories zippered pockets to hold extra little things.

I also recently got some beauty & skincare products including Lanoline eye cream, Emu oil for my new tattoo, Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Waterproof Mascara and Wet N’ Wild nail polish in Undercover.

I still need to get a couple more things for my trip, but when I saw them on sale, I stocked up on sheet masks. I think I ended up buy like 20 of them since it’s really hard to find these guys:

TonyMony I’m Real are some of my favorite sheet masks out there. I really like the brightening one that has a lemon on it, but as you can see, I have none of those left.

Those are just a couple of things I got recently. I’ll probably do a post in the next week about some additional purchases I need to get for LV. It’s mostly little things, but I’ve got a list of all the essential things I need for make the travel and trip easy and carefree.

But for now, later!


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