Summer is almost here (or at least summer is almost here everywhere else but the Pacific NW), which means its swimsuit season! Also, I’m in the midst of planning my Hawaii trip to visit my BFF and her husband again this year, which means I need a new swimsuit.

Patchwork Bustier Bikini Set

SHIRLEY Retro Leopard Swimsuit

I like how a lot of the trends are a bit modest/retro. Right now I’m leaning more towards a monokini or a bustier-style bikini with boy shorts.

Vintage-styled Modest Swimsuits

The Paris Tankini by Persona Swimwear with boy shorts

Ruched swimsuits – Tankini

Blue & White Stripped Monokini

I’m still months away from my trip, but it doesn’t hurt to look to see if there is one I like now. The one I brought with me last year no longer fits as I’ve lost some more fat and toned-up in quite a bit.

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  1. I’m also in the Pacific NW, so I feel your pain. It is literally 50 degrees right now. And it’s JUNE, not cool! lol

    These suit finds are so adorable! I love how vintage style pin-up suits are back in style!

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