I finally just got a new laptop for my birthday (Mom & Dad gave me 500 bucks to spend)! I spent the whole weekend playing with it; adding on apps, downloading essential (but free) programs like Chrome Browser and finding a new background for it! I’m completely in love with it! It’s my favorite new toy!

I’m currently using my old Harajuku Lovers Laptop Bag to lug it around but once I start traveling further than the local coffee shop, I think I’m going to need something a little bit more durable. And fashionably chic.

Sumdex NON-136 Neo Metro Slim Brief For 13 Inch MacBook Pro – Purple Starlight

M.A.C. Laptop Case

Incase 13″ Perforated Hardshell Case for Macbook Pro Cl57466
This one is not so much a carrying case, but a cover. Think it might be a good idea to get also. Need to protect my new baby when it’s out of it bag!

BE.EZ LEvertigo Notebook Bag for 13″ MacBook and 15″ MacBook Pro, Lime Drop

KERRI MACK EVA – RW Eva Design Women’s Laptop Bag (Red)

…though this one is the one I really considering….

Laptop bag padded- Ruffles 2 Zippers Bag

I just love ruffles!

I’ve also got a list of other major items to purchase: 1 or 2T external Hard-drive, wireless mouse, CS5, etc. So the next couple of months I’m going to have to try really hard to budget my clothing/accessories shopping. It’s going to be really hard….

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One Reply to “Fashionably Geek”

  1. So beautiful! I just love Macs, impossible to work on a Windows. haha
    My favourite bag is the second one. Personally, I prefer to use just a sleeve and have it on any usual bag (of course, it can’t be a small bag 🙂 ).

    Have a great week and enjoy your new Mac pro,
    Manu Luize.

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