So moving on to my other favorites the last couple of months. I’m going to try to keep it short… try.

Books // So far I’ve been really good with my “more reading” resolution. I’ve finished one book, reread several books (HP series to be exact) and started two new books, one which is currently a favorite. Long story short, I spent a week listening to book podcast while at work and found some (okay, several) book recommendations including 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith. It is very well written and smart. The chapters are short but the characters are so interesting. I just know I’ll probably finished it very soon and order the next book in the series. It’s about the people and their lives who all live in the building at 44 Scotland Street.

Music favs // I currently have several songs on my repeat playlist. First off Taemin’s Press Your Number & Drip Drop. Both have a great beats to workout/dance to! Loving his latest album. My favorite k-pop boy group just dropped a new single and I cannot get enough of it: Got7 with their new song Fly. The video is awesome and shows off their great dancing. LUV THEM! I’ve also been listening to Iggy Azalea’s Team. Hot song, hot video.

Podcast // Speaking of things to listen to, for about a week or so I decided to try to catch up on some podcast I was listening to near the end of last year. Probably my favorite is the Myths and Legends Podcast by Jason Weiser. If you looking for something new to listen to and love mythology and legends like greek and roman, I highly recommend to listen to them. They are about 30 minutes long and usually include a ‘creature’ of the week at the end. Currently I think he on the King Arthur story, which I find highly interesting since it’s not the Disney tale story. And more detailed.

Homewares // I am obsessed with my current candle dw home in Sandalwood & Amber. It is so wonderful! It’s has a slightly sweet woody smell. Right? Right. That’s a good way to explain it. However, they no longer make this scent, so now I have to find a new favorite candle.

I don’t have a lamp in my bedroom. Yeah, I know I should get on, but I currently don’t like any of the ones that I saw. But for now I’m loving having some little bit of mood lighting from “Starry Lights” I got from Target. They were only like three bucks each and I found 3 of them! Score. I have one wrapped around my kitchen shelving unit and the others are in my bedroom, so that when I don’t have the lame bedroom light on, I have nice mood lighting. I just thoroughly enjoy it.

So, what was y’all favorites the last couple of months?

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