I meant to do this series every week, but life pretty much got in the way. Had so much to do and not much time to do it until the parentals came back, so I had to set aside blogging for a while. That didn’t mean that I was not sticking with my training and meal plan (among other life things). So let’s do a quick catch up!

During the three weeks off I had a change in meal plan. My calories stayed pretty much the same, but my PT switch around what type of carbs and proteins I am to intake. He also replaced some of my breakfast protein with protein (whey) shakes. Nice change of pace.

He also increased my cardio. Which makes me happy! I know there are some out there that don’t like running, but it’s my first fitness love. Nothing (for me) feels as great as after a good run. I’m doing about 20-min of HIIT cardio on the treadmill. My current HIIT run is a 45-second run, 45-second walk right after a 40-minute leg day and after one of my upper body days.

Since I’m finally getting my Saturdays back (no more driving to the island) I’m hoping to start out door running again. I haven’t chosen any races yet for this year, but I’d like to get ready for that. And since it’s been a while since I last ran outside, I’m going keep it short 30-minute steady state run after a short upper body home workout.

The scale hasn’t move much, just about a pound, but I’ve notice more definition in my upper body especially in my shoulders and back. Totally happy about that! It’s a slow progress, but it’s progress that I would have not seen if I hadn’t decided to sign up with my coach.

That’s my update for now. I know it is quick, but my planned on Saturday ended up being occupied with watching my friend’s son’s basketball game and then putting a half day of overtime at the office.

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