So I just finished my first week on my new workout and meal plan to lose bodyfat and so far things are good. The workouts are hard and the amount of reps I have to do for each set are reasonable. Currently my program has me doing between 15-20 rep of each exercise at a manageable weight. It has me working out 5 days a week instead of six, so it was nice to take a break in the middle of the week. I’m keeping my Sundays as a rest day and have added either Wednesday or Thursday (depending on how tired I feel on Wednesday) as my second rest day.

I started on January 1 with a Chest & Back day and added my trainer’s Extreme Ab Day 1 Workout which was hard. OMG, I definitely need to work on my core & abs more, ‘cause it hurts. I have to add the extreme abs workout three days a week and it work out best on upper body days. Day 2 was Lower Body Day plus a HIIT cardio, Day 3 was Chest, Back & Abs again (different exercises thought), Day 4 was Hamstrings & Glutes plus HIIT cardio, and Day 5 was Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps.


My meals are pretty good though I did learn two things: (1) I really don’t like walnuts and (2) goat meat is no existent in my area or at least the grocery stores. But putting that aside, my meals are simple and clean. It is a mostly high protein, low carb diet with a refeed day that is high carb. Trying to remember what I had to eat is easy with my trainer’s app, but I decided to get a notebook this week and write everything down so that I’m not having to wait and switch around the pages to see what my meal was and how much. I just need everything all on one page so it’s easier to prep for the day’s meals.

So week one has been good. I do have to remind myself to drink more water while at work. I might even need to drink another serving of BCAAs while at work though I have been drinking a glass of Vitamin C mid-morning. But I need more water during the day.

Mood: pretty good, steady and not too annoyed by my co-workers. Energy: just a bit tired after lunch and once I get home. Been falling asleep around 8:30-ish and once even woke up on the couch around midnight with all my lights on. But overall it’s been a good week.

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