It’s the end of week two and thank goodness for refeed day! This week, I really needed to have the extra calories ‘cause I was craving everything crunchy and sweet! Having bigger meals at the end of the week really kept me full and I was able to hold back from running to the store for a bag of chips and box of cookies.

My meals are the same as last week. I won’t get a new meal plan until the end of the month, I believe, which I’m fine with. Sunday is still a really big meal prep day, so I’ve written all my meals by day in my notebook. It’s really easy to prep all my lunches for the week and then have all the rest (breakfast, snacks & dinner) in tupperware ready to plate and quickly heat up if need be. And I’ve been pretty good with drinking more water. I found my 1L water bottle and brought it to work. I’ve been trying to drink at least two of them a day plus on huge glass of water in the morning and evening. The weekend was a little hard, but I still drank more water than anything else.


Another thing that is making staying with my program is writing out my workout for the next morning on a little piece of paper I can easily tuck in my sports bra. My trainer does have an app for all my workouts and meal, but it’s nice not to be constantly looking at my phone during my workout. My workouts are still the same as last week and I’m still trying to add in his Extreme Abs workout when I have extra time on upper-body days. (don’t even think about legs days… it literally takes my whole morning hour to get it all done)

Mood: pretty good. Still feeling a bit tired and sleepy when I arrive at work which is about 8am. Stuck to about 1 coffee or tea in the mornings. Saturday afternoon was bad for my cravings. I really wanted something sweet, but the apple and water really help curve that craving. Even better motivation was to go shopping,  ’cause now I can wear a size small in leggings. Overall good week.


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