Early Christmas list! I’ll probably do several of these in the next couple of weeks. Especially since I know I won’t get any of what I would really want unless I buy it myself. My sister usually gets me something good…

but since her wedding is next year and she paying at lot of it herself, she’s put a price limit of how much we can spend on each other. $50 buck each. Sigh. It’s alright, I wasn’t really expecting to get anything super expensive anyways. I was just hopeing for something I really like, wanted and can/will use.

Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of workout gear. DVDs, leggings, jackets, etc. I mean I literately had to back-off buying some workout DVDs on Groupon this morning. Though, there is still a small chance I will probably hop on tomorrow morning and order them anyways….

Here’s my Fitness Gear Wishlist

…though since I also know that no one will get me the Nike+Fuel Band, I might just order those…

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      1. I really like it, I find it very motivating and once I had got past the initial set up it’s been easy to use – I can sync it with my iPhone via Bluetooth so I can check all the stats on screen. I wouldn’t say that it will ever replace my Garmin for accuracy, but as a way to keep motivated and move more during my daily activities it’s been fantastic.

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